I’m happy working on a range of projects.  My work tends to vary a from programming and curation to project development and management, partner development, marketing, evaluation and fundraising. I really love doing seminars and talks on different topics.

In the last year I spoket about:

  • How marketing can support export and touring ability (for Artists/Artistic companies) – As part of CASA EU project in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Support models for creation of new works within contemporary circus (for artists, industry and policy makers) as part of Didascalia Vaudeville Rendezvous in Guimaraes, Portugal
  • How to…Producer / Artist relationships (for emerging artists) – For BA graduating students at AMOC, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Baltic Nordic Circus Network – 30-40 mins presentation of the network at Cirko Festival in Helsinki, Finland.

Next up:

  • The state or European Circus and the Nordic Circus scene (for artists, industry policy makers) – 2nd of Sept in Oslo as part of Circus Village.
  • How marketing can support export and touring ability (for Artists) – October, Bristol as part of VOLT Talks

I also really love mentoring less experienced producers/project managers, facilitating internships and artists who are looking for someone to talk to about their work.

I can work remotely over email/skype or meet in person.

I accept DASH – Digital cash as currency of payment from freelance engagements.