It’s been a while. The sun is out in the Frankle’s cultural capital workplace of the day, aka Stockholm. A lot has happened this year already and with spring sprouts new energy, but also with great art!

Today I saw an excellent piece of art. The dress rehearsal of KALITY Vittnesmål från samvetsfångar at Södra Teatern. Not knowing what I was going to see as I had been invited by a friend whom I trust to bring me along to worthwhile things, but also Södra Teatern has exactly the kind of eclectic mix of interesting, weird and quality that I tend to love. KALITY turned out to be the best piece of theatre I’ve seen in ages, totally captivating, important and timely piece of new writing with the person whose incredible experience it was actually in the piece speaking about their experience amongst actors. Very powerful. It made me reflect on the very nature of ‘great art as shared experience’ and gave me the inspiration, energy and force to achieve the mountain of tasks I have in stall for the next few months. If in Stockholm this week – go see. If organising a festival concerned about changing the world – book it.

This spring I have partly relocated to Stockholm where I’ve taken on a new epic job as Coordinator of the Baltic Nordic Circus Network. The network is undertaking a 3 year development project for contemporary circus in the Baltic Nordic region of which I am in charge of facilitating the delivery off in collaboration with the 14 member organisations across the countries. For those of you who know me you know exactly how much this mission is my bag (!) I’m chuffed to bits.

Other than that I have been to Prague to visit Cirkopolis Festival and deliver a seminar on Marketing and Export for circus artists as part of the European CASA Project .

I have also been totally proud and excited because for the first time I did not host VOLT Circus Scratch Night in Bristol that I’ve started and run for the last 4 years. I asked the legend that is Danny Prosser to host in my place, not only because Danny is awesome, but because he understands exactly what VOLT is, what it’s for and has that beautiful ethos of Ausform in his backbone. I will admit that I received numerous messages saying how great Danny – and in orderly smug fashion a muttered a small ‘told you’. Anyone who knows Danny knew that babe would smash it.

Other than that Circus City is go…. i’ll leave that for next time.

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