Autumn Shenanigans

With the news of the recent elections I am choosing to listen to one of my heroes, Anne Bogart:

“One day, particularly discouraged about the global environment, I asked my friend the playwright Charles L. Mee, Jr., ‘How are we supposed to function in these difficult times?  How can we contribute anything useful in this climate?’  ‘Well,’ he answered, ‘You have a choice of two possible directions.  Either you convince yourself that these are terrible times and things will never get better and so you decide to give up, or, you choose to believe that there will be a better time in the future.  If that is the case, your job in these  dark political and social times is to gather together everything you value and become a transport bridge.  Pack up what you cherish and carry it on your back to the future.”

The autumn is going crazy fast! I’ve started working with Upswing Aerial in London which is most excellent. I work with the marvels Camille Bensoussan and Vicki Amedume touring Bedtime Stories around the country via the Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Program including theatres and libraries under the project name ‘Building Stories, Pushing Boundaries’. We also opened a council house in Oldham near Manchester…

A major part of September and October has involved supporting Grania Pickard in developing her new show and subsequent launch of her company Oddly Moving Circus Theatre. We previewed her new show He Ain’t Heavy at Trinity Centre in Bristol in September which will premiere with a bang next year supported by Turtle Key Arts.

On the horizon…I’ve started working on a shift in perspective of the work of Ausform (UK). From January 2017 the strand VOLT will be extracted and given more focus operating on it’s own terms. Expect a new website launching. One of the first projects of VOLT next year will be to tour Tanter’s Vixen around the UK whilst facilitating conversations and professional development of work, technique and discourse of contemporary circus. I’m very excited about this. To support this Tanter are also developing a new version of their show in a cabaret format for spaces that can not facilitate either all disciplines in the show, or feel their audience is pushed by the concepts of the show, but are interested to further conversation and programme the company.
I’ve started also talking to the fire cracker Olivia Hultman of Kompani Hint in Malmö about artist development and support for Contemporary Circus in the region (on the Swedish side of the channel).

I’ve just arrived in Montreal for Cinars which I am here as part of the FACE delegation. I’m representing Ausform and Circus City, but will also be available for chats about the work of Tanter and any other interesting banter!

Despite the shit storm that has hit the world, there is still a lot of greatness going on and I for one will be making sure my ‘transport bridge’ stays intact as I start today to look at the near and distant horizon.

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