John Ellingsworth tell us about DOCH’s newest course

Study contemporary circus as an academic subject through this short course…

We were lucky enough to get John’s answers to a few questions about DOCH’s newest course: An Introduction to Contemporary Circus which will be starting in October.

Hi. I’m John Ellingsworth – I run a website called Sideshow. I’m teaching a new course at DOCH, An Introduction to Contemporary Circus, along with my colleague Duncan Wall, author of The Ordinary Acrobat and creative director of the US organisation Circus Now.


Who is this course for?

Broadly, anyone with an interest in contemporary circus creation. The course covers the history and emergence of contemporary circus (touching on the fundamental characteristics of the art and putting forward a working definition); changing approaches to education and training in the field; critical analysis and the ‘reading’ of circus; and the early stages of a creation process, covering the birth of work and the concept of research. You can apply as an artist…

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