Hello world! #AskTheFeminists

Ask the feminists

I set up this hashtag #AskTheFeminists in the light of the UK Elections 2015.

Are you interested in the views of active MPs who have anti-discrimination as a top priority? The Swedish Feminist Party will be answering your questions. Find out what they think and how their party deals with key issues in comparison to UK/other parties.

The Swedish Feminist Party (Feminist Initiative) are active in 13 councils in Sweden as well as represented by 1 MEP (Member of European Parliament).
The UK does not have an equivalent yet – find out what they think and what their views are on migration, welfare, accessibility etc to compare with information available from parties available to vote for in the UK/your country.


You can also ask a question by using the hashtag #askthefeminists on twitter

You can of course post a comment below, but all comments are moderated…

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