Spotlight on the Academy of Modern Circus in Denmark

Lina B Frank (Director of Ausform) was recently asked to be an ambassador for AMoC, the new Contemporary Circus Education degree in Denmark. We asked Jens Sigsgaard & some of the team behind the new course the questions that prospective students and circus lovers want to know the answers to:

Where is the campus based?

AMoC is based in a beautiful old train depot in a vibrant young environment just minutes from the centre of Copenhagen. AMoC shares a courtyard with the AFUK schools, Copenhagen Skatepark, games spaces (like basketball, parkour, street dance, etc.) and a project house for entrepreneurs. It is both the people and surroundings that combine to create a unique and inspiring environment.

Who are the tutors going to be and what’s their specialisms?

The present tutors are specialized in acrobatics, pair acrobatics, static trapeze, swinging trapeze, rope, straps, chinese pole, contortion and juggling. But if students of other disciplines are admitted following…

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