Ferment Fortnight: ASKING FOR IT – PINCH

First show coming up this Friday. New work-in-progress with PINCH dance theatre company that I have been working with for a while. Should be really interesting to see what work has been developed whilst I’ve spent the last month in Sweden.

Starts 8.15pm on this Friday 18th and we hope you can make it as it’s an opportunity for the company to share with an audience and receive feedback. If you just want to have a peek this is of course also allowed 😉


How, when and why did the company take the decision to make this show? 

Isabelle: Well… the main theme and also the title emerged out of conversations I’d had whilst away travelling. On the topic of women in particular, regarding the Delhi rape case in October 2012, a woman that I was in discussion with had said ‘well, she was asking for it’ because of the way she was dressed.  I was completely appalled that a woman would say that about another woman and, leading on from this, Hannah and I sat down and had a serious rant about, basically, feminism, what it’s done and what the hell it means anymore. Then we decided to make a show.

Hannah: Yeah, I had also been interested in the changing face of sexism for a while before we started having conversations, and Izzie’s experience really triggered ideas for the potential of a performance.

Asking For It

What does the story…

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