New project! PINCH and women’s behaviour as girls get ready to go out…


Have started to work with PINCH last week. The lovely and talented ladies Hannah Kew and Isabelle Cressy.
This week we are holding two public discussions, if you wanna chat – come along! Details below….

PINCH invites you to two public informal discussions to get diverse opinion and have a chat about the themes of our new piece ‘Asking for it‘…

We hope to create a safe and honest space where people feel they can air their views and encourage any opinions out there to be expressed.

Come along too:
INTERVAL – St Nicks Market main entrance, Wed 28th 3pm
Residence at the Milk Bar, Colston Avenue, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 1EB Thursday 29th 7.30pm

These sessions will be recorded for audio.
We really hope to see you there!

To book a free place at either event please email Producer Lina B frank –
*Please note: the INTERVAL discussion is booked places only*

Or feel free to drop in at the Milk Bar on Thursday evening.

a bit about the themes:

Asking for It is a piece of Dance Theatre incorporating Movement, Text, and Music.
Exploring behaviour as girls get ready to go out, we chart the transformation that occurs both physically and mentally as they create their desired image and identity.

On a night out, we are interested in the role Clothing, Image, Judgement and Behaviour have to play in the increasingly accepted notion that for women, sexualisation equates to empowerment.

Using material from recorded discussions wide a diverse range of people and opinion we explore these themes without agenda or judgment and seek to dance the finer lines of content and contradiction.


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