Wide Slumber Week 1

My journey of working with Va Va Voom Theatre started a few years ago through Bakarí another company that Sigga Sunna (one half of Va Va Voom) was also part of. I like working withthese guys because I’m never quite sure what it will entail and it always feels like a truly creative process. In the last project I was working as sound maker or composer devising music to be performed as song-cycles by the performers for a project called The King is Dead.

The King is Dead 2 - Bakarí
The King is Dead Photoshoot Iceland

This time round I’m helping Eva Signy to find solutions for a dream-like set which moves and has qualities of puppetry.
We are constructing pulley systems and cutting fabric to acquire the quality of butterfly’s wings which will then be projected on all to a live score by a band and performing singers.

The show doesn’t open til end of May for the Reykjavík Arts Festival, but we are in residency in the theatre this week, so that’s why I’m here now.

Here are some very unglamourous pictures of what we have been doing this week. If there is something I love it’s process versus result. Have this to compare the finished production shot is going to be a goldmine. For me that is where the sense of achievement lies.


Stay tuned for more Wide Slumbering….


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