An Interview with Ed Rapley, The Self Trilogy

ed trilogy

As this Trilogy is coming up on the 5th of April at First Festival in London at Tristan Bates, also known as the Actors Centre I thought I would re-blog this interview as it’s the best bit of writing I know about these shows.

The shows at TBT are on Sat 5th of April at 7pm/8.15pm/9.30pm.

If you are interested in coming click this link and book your ticket:


Edward Rapley is a Bristol-based performer who has trained in Paris with Phillippe Gaulier (the French Master clown), is a member of local artist collective Residence and has toured to audiences all over the UK. This September he opens our Autumn season in the studio with The Self Trilogy:10 Ways to Die on Stage, The Middle Bit, and Who Know Where. His work defies expectation and offers his audiences a new fresh take on the big (death) and the small (atoms). Intrigued, we interviewed him via long-distance-electronic-internet-based-communication (email) to find out what it’s like to perform your own life on stage by yourself. 

Tell us about the trilogy.
The trilogy is this sprawling piece of work which I’ve been making for the last seven years. Very simply it is three solo shows I have been inspired to make by events or times in my own…

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