Beginnings and endings…


It feels appropriate to start the first blog this week. It’s a sort of week of beginnings and endings. Last week we finished Ferment Fortnight at Bristol Old Vic. it’s two weeks of 20 performances produced by Bristol Ferment the artist development department at Bristol Old Vic where I work.

Ferment Fortnight can be intense, its a lot of fun and it isn’t hard, just hard work. A wealth of ideas and people streaming through space for a limited amount of time which is exciting and exhausting.

This is the first time I have come out the other end of a Ferment Fortnight feeling like something ended, like a season ended. It’s a good end and I’ve been longing for the feeling of a turn of a season for some time. Since there isn’t any snow anymore during winters it’s hard for a winterchild to feel like a year has past.

Today Ausform we had some news to work on a commission for a small new piece, which means we will be working with some new artists in the next month on an idea I have been finding interesting for some time. Maybe I won’t say more about it today, but wait til I have actually had enough head-space to think about it properly.

Also, this week is the beginning of many things as I leave the west country and head for Edinburgh for the Fringe. I’m being blessed in disguise (I reckon) by going up the first two weeks of the festival. The blessings are countable. I seem to be going when no one else i know is, which hopefully means I will drink more coffee and less wine than could otherwise have been the case. Another blessing is that not everything is on, so it’s easier to choose what to see. Obviously these are annoying blessings, but still I’m very much looking forward to the many meetings and new encounters and also very much looking forward to seeing the flat which Bristol Old Vic Ferment kindly are putting me up in. Per diems and everything!

This is the first blog post. The beginning of a new season.


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