WhatsApp Image 2017-05-13 at 11.06.37.jpegLina B. Frank

I’m a producer, programmer/curator and arts consultant from Sweden based Europe with offices in Malmö, SE and Bristol, UK.

I work mostly with Contemporary Circus, Cross-disciplinary Arts and Live Art – with bold and brave people, explorers and visionaries at heart. I’m interested in how art can be used to facilitate democratic participation to challenge the status quo.

I’m specialist in artist and cultural development (particularly for Contemporary Circus Arts in European context) and artist-lead spaces and organisations.

My USP is my ability to network, seeing the wood through the trees and structure projects strategically to lever desired impact. I’m a ninja at budgets and not too bad with design.


I’m currently working from Sweden and UK with partners in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

I’m interested in discussing projects internationally, particularly in Iceland, Netherlands, Greece, and Canada.

Freelance (catch-all): linabfrank(a)

Twitter @linabfrank


2018: I’m continuing to work as Coordinator for Baltic Nordic Circus Network and starting as Partnership Manager for Trans Europe Halles from April. Circus City Festival is on an “off-year” which means we work very much part-time on company development and planning for 2019’s festival. Later this year I will be running some finance and budgeting masterclasses for producers and companies as well as introducing my new concept of “Practise-based Producing” through a series of activities.

2017: I started working for Manegen (in Stockholm) to Coordinate the Baltic Nordic Circus Network and lead a 3 year development project for contemporary circus in the Baltic and Nordic Region. In a freelance capacity I work as Co-Director of Circus City Festival in Bristol – which ran from 12-29th October 2017 spanning 85 events in 20 venues over 3 weeks.

2016: I worked all over Europe freelance and independently as a producer, programmer and cultural strategist with a range of organisations such as Dance Village Harbourside Festival (Bristol), Upswing Aerial (London), Ausform (Bristol), Rani Nair (Lund, Sweden), Curious School of Puppetry (London), Tanter (DK), Oddly Moving Circus Theatre (Bristol), Sansusi Festival (Latvia), Memory Wax (Malmö, Sweden), and Danscentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden) amongst others.

2015: I produced the Circus City Festival together with the awesome Kate Hartoch which spanned 4 weeks and over 50 events in 14 spaces in Bristol, UK. My company Ausform also created a Micro-Festival to discuss the ideas and current cross-overs of drag and performance. Asking what drag looks like beyond ideas of gender as well as what being in drag allows you to discuss, that performing out of drag does not. I produced an event highlighting the position of ‘Women’ in circus arts and facilitated the launch of a new puppet school in London; The Curious School of Puppetry.

Before that I worked 3 years at Bristol Old Vic and the artist development strand Bristol Ferment. I supported Kate Yedigaroff and later Emma Bettridge in an array of projects including commissioning new work and producing and project managing a 2 week work-in-progress festival bi-annually.

Please note that Ausform (the company) is currently “sleeping” whilst I pursue current commitments. I am Executive Producer for Ausform where since 2009 we have produced 16 platforms of emerging national and international work as well as events. We are very much interested in the artist as change makers of the status quo and the value of temporary communities as pivotal moments for progress.

Follow @linabfrank and @ausform on twitter!




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